Smoking is the cause of many long-term conditions, including male impotence, high blood pressure, infertility and heart disease. Smoking is also the root cause to many fatal illnesses, including many cancers.

Smoking affects one’s quality of life in many ways, including damaging of the skin, stained teeth, gum disease, bad breath and declined senses, including taste. Smoking is also bad for those around you.

Making the decision to quit smoking will lead to improved health and a more enjoyable life. Aside from willpower and support from those around you, a treatment plan along with a prescription-grade treatment has proven to be very beneficial to successfully quitting smoking.


Treatment Options


A popular and effective aid towards quitting smoking is Champix, which is a drug used to reduce the desire of smoking in individuals and associated withdrawal symptoms of smoking.

Champix comes in the form of tablets and is usually taken in doses of 0.5mg per day for the first 3 days, increasing to 0.5mg twice daily for the following 4 days and finally continuing on at 0.5mg twice daily or increasing to 1mg twice daily thereon after.

Treatment continues for 12 weeks, until you no longer require the drug to stay away from smoking.