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Warticon (Podophyllotoxin)

Genital Warts (STI) Treatment



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What is Warticon?

Warticon is a topical cream used to eliminate genital warts, eliminating the need to take oral drugs.

What is in the treatment?

Warticon contains the active ingredient ‘podophyllotoxin’ which when applied to the warts penetrates the tissue and then has a toxic effect on the nucleus of the wart cells. The wart cells are then prevented from multiplying and eventually the wart cells die and healthy cells grow back.

How do I use the treatment?

This medication should be used twice daily for three consecutive days. If the warts are persistent then the course of treatment may be repeated once a week for 4 weeks.


This medicine is only for external warts which are smaller than 4 cm in diameter. Internal warts and those larger than 4cm in diameter require treatment under direct medical supervision.

The main side effect associated with this medication is skin irritation around the area of application. This is normally mild and noticed on the second or third day of treatment. It can also cause smarting, itching or redness in the area of application.

If the side effects are particularly severe, such that you experience severe pain, swelling or even bleeding and itching stop using the treatment and seek medical advice.

Please click here for an information leaflet on Warticon.